Course Descriptions: A.P. Spanish, Pre-A.P. Spanish and Spanish V
A.P. Spanish

This course offers the student an opportunity to study Spanish at an advanced level. The course will be taught in Spanish and will focus on creating proficiency in the Spanish language through a broad study of Spanish language literature and through practice and skill building in listening, speaking, reading and writing. This is a challenging course for able and motivated students who want to increase their proficiency in spoken and written language.  The AP examination is in May.  PLEASE NOTE: This course is taught entirely in Spanish.

Pre-A.P. Spanish

Pre-AP Spanish is a Pre-AP course emphasizing more communication, writing, reading and presentational skills. The primary goal of the course is understanding and communicating in the target language at a substantially higher degree of proficiency than in previous levels of Spanish. Students study more advanced vocabulary, expressions and grammatical structures, read in-depth texts concerning cultural aspects of Spanish-speaking countries, analyze literary pieces and produce original compositions and oral presentations.  PLEASE NOTE: This is an "immersion course", meaning that at least 90% of our class time is spent speaking Spanish.

Spanish V

This course, a continuation of Intermediate Spanish Honors, focuses on all three communicative modes (interpretive, interpersonal and presentational) with particular emphasis on understanding and speaking Spanish. Through authentic texts and music, contemporary topics, movies and interactive communicative activities the students will develop the ability speak more fluidly in Spanish while learning about Hispanic cultures. Students will participate in conversations about familiar topics that go beyond everyday life and will talk in an organized way and with some detail about events and experiences in various time frames. Compositions will also provide opportunity to focus on written communication. Grammar review will be on-going and directly tied to communicative activities.  PLEASE NOTE: This is an "immersion course", meaning that at least 90% of our class time is spent speaking Spanish.

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