What am I required to include in my Senior Discovery Presentation?

  • Every senior must do a presentation to receive a 'pass' in Senior Discovery.  This presentation should:
    • focus on them as individuals, learners, members of a community, and the cross-roads that they now find themselves;
    • present a summary of their senior project;
    • review the junior job shadow; and
    • address all of the items on the scoring rubric (falmouthschools.org->student->discovery).
  • Students are to sign up for a time and room from the "Discovery" section of the Student section of www.falmouthschools.org.
  • Students are to deliver their presentation with no fewer than two other students (groups of 3 or more)
    • each student should plan a 20 minute presentation with 10 minutes for questions and answers at the end (30 minutes total);
    • presentations may use whatever presentation techniques are most appropriate;
    • presentations require a parent, underclassman, and faculty member (groups may share underclassmen and faculty members, but not parents);
    • the faculty member is to complete a scoring rubric for each student and place it in the "Discovery" mailbox in the office.
    • students delivering an unsatisfactory presentation will be required to make improvements and re-present.
    • all presentations should be completed on or before May 27, 2016.

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